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back. we ought to go back to tariffs and cut taxes on our own manufacturing. >> getting tough on china is campaign rhetoric on romney's behalf. if he gets elected smart advisors will say we can't do this. maybe he will call them names. that is about all he will do. there are bankers, we are not they are our bankers, we are not in a strong position. who pays the price? the american consumer and american economy. >> we have an enormous trade surplus at our expense. >> mort, what is the answer? >> the fact is romney is right in this sense. they have consistently for decades kept their currency devalued in order to magnify their exports. sell them at cheaper prices. we have been protest that go for decades. when romney can do anything about that i don't know. but the real question is how do you deal in chin with this way without getting into a trade war which would be damaging to both sides? that is going to take real diplomacy and pressure with china. >> in a trade war, who wins mort? >> we do. we have a trade deficit with them of $300 billion a year. >> you can no more win a trade war th
've seen. >> tax cuts for the rich? that the answer? >> romney has not demonstrated th he has tha better solution than what oba has already offered. >> john, obama has not that is e took office in four years. >> it come up. >> four years he hasn't had a better month. >> the economy has improved, it's getting better, but -- >> slowly -- >> improvingowell. we've added $4.5 trillion to the debtviof ofthis country. it is almost 230 -- excuse me a said. it took us 230 years to run up that deficit. we are going to have to pay it back and pay interest. >> i'm sure we don't want to take more money out of the economy. >> i don't want to spend it unwisely which is what this administration is doing. >> $16 trillion. he started out with 12 trlion. >> 11 trillion. >> and built it up to 16. >> that's right. >> i don't remember them talking about when george bush wasli paying out money -- >> medicare prescription drug program. >> the country rejected the republican party when they did it, and they shouldn't when owe palm does worse. >> a little -- obama does worth. >> a d little late. >> issue 3, obama
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)